Hidup · Pikiran

Bundled Little Thing

Why do you love someone?

People who think they truly in love with their other half would say ‘well I don’t know, I just love her or him’

For me, the reason you love someone is because there are lot of simple things they do for you.

You love someone not because they gave you a flower on valentine day. It’s not because they treat you everytime you go shopping or watching movie. It’s not also because they gave you present on a big occassion.

You do love someone because the way they smile everytime they see you. The way they cover your side when you both about to cross the road. It might be on how they look deeply on you when you tell them story. The way they wake you up to remind you to study. Every written thing they wrote for you, it might be a poem, a diary, a song, or just a scratch on the table. The way they gave your favorite candy every single day or just a simple thing like tie up your shoelaces.

It’s all because those little things they do to you sum up into a bundled little thing called love.


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